• Founder and Executive CEO – Claudia Welsh
  • Public Speaker – Inspirational & Motivational; Keynote & After Dinner
  • Coach/Mentor, DISC Trained


My background is in healthcare at the senior management level with over 12 years of experience both in the public and independent sectors in the UK and abroad. As a result coaching mentoring and public speaking were instrumental and incorporated in my life both at work and outside of work. B’ Empowered is my platform on which I offer the opportunity of my expertise in public speaking, coaching and mentoring to the world. My DISC training enables me to promote positive team building and good work dynamics in workplaces hence increasing positive productivity. 

As a Public Speaker

The art of public speaking has been with me since my early years to present. I have honed my craft of motivational and inspirational speaking, on various platforms in numerous countries across the world where I have either lived or visited. I get my inspiration from real life events via personal experiences and vicarious learning. I believe that one of my true callings is to inspire and motivated people to be the best they can be under any circumstance that they find themselves. I have been credited with this gift by people whose lives I have affected in a positive way and they therefore are my testimonies. I too was the inspired by others, and this motivated me to realise my dream in creating B’ Empowered. I am of the belief that everyone needs get the opportunity to be inspired and motivated by the spoken word so that they can change their lives for the good.

In compliment to me being an inspirational and motivational speaker, I am also a member of Toastmasters International speakers club in West London where I further hone my leadership and communicating skills. As well as motivational and inspirational speaking, in 2015/2016 I was the president for my current public speaking club. To date, I and continue to contribute voluntarily as a mentor and an active speaker in my public speakers club. I participate in numerous public speaking and evaluating competitions and have won some at different levels. This helps me to keep current, in touch and relatable thus having more to offer my clients.

In addition to entering speaking competitions, I also keep myself current by offering and attending further trainings around the areas of public speaking, coaching, mentoring and DISC model. That way I continue to grow personally and professionally. I also enjoy reading widely on various subject; and blogging/writing.

In addition to being a motivational and inspirational public speaker, I also have a passion for, and practice coaching and mentoring. See below.

As a Coach and Mentor

I coach and mentor both professionally and personally with a good track record of success. I have successfully coached and mentored colleagues, staff and clients outside of the work with the positive result of them realising their goals. It is of the highest importance that I establish good rapport with all of my clients so their ambitions where coaching and mentoring is concerned, is realised.

I also am a mentor and Mentor coordinator for my Toastmasters International speakers club in West London. I enjoy motivating and inspiring people to achieve their dreams, goals and passions in their lives. It is rewarding to see the end results of what good wholesome coaching/mentoring can deliver. I have seen clients get the jobs they desire through career changes and promotions. I have also seen them make personal changes to enhance and improve their lives.  I have experienced clients creating new opportunities for themselves that they never thought they could. The results are rather gratifying for both clients and B’ Empowered. After all our motto is “Your (clients) success is our motivation!”

Coaching and mentoring also compliments my motivational and inspirational speeches and vice voce. These skills also allow me to become enlightened to what is happening in the lives of people and I can relate, giving them the guidance relevant and specific to each client as an individuals.  As a coach and mentor my clients are reminded that no one is and island and no one stands alone. The greatest amongst us can relate to moments when they used the support of coach or mentor whether formally or informally to take them to a place in their lives that they needed to be. And where they are now; as well as to continue their journey to where they can be. I am that person for my clients. This journey works two folds; my clients’ successes are my motivation

NB: I too have a coach and a mentor

As a DISC Model Team Developer

DISC is a behavioural model designed by Dr William Marston in the late 19th and early 20th century where people’s behaviours are examined within their environment showing their behaviour styles and preferences. https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newCDV_92.htm

I am DISC trained to help teams understand and promote good work dynamics in groups and workplaces. DISC Model is used in various workplaces successfully to include my place of work so indeed it has been tried and tested.

Other Interests

My other interests include writing stories and blogging, walking and hiking, travelling and consultancy/participating in building new radiology department.