I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Working with Claudia has been life changing. She really took me under her wing and empowered me to reach for greatness. She believes in me and my goals, and has helped me set tangible steps toward reaching them. She stuck by me as I made tough decisions towards changing my life, and as I took leaps of faith during the process. She is truly a blessing to me and an amazing woman. Thank you Claudia! – Tyanna Browne.

It was my pleasure to have gotten the opportunity to listen to your speech. There are times when we as humans just need that extra bit of help to take us to the next level and I have seen where you have helped so many to progress. Your life coaching skills go a far way, just want to say thanks and your efforts are really appreciated. РKhaleel Morrison

Hello my name is Aldain hall from the great one love island of Jamaica also the founder and manager of Vrai brilliance  productions. Being under the wings of Be empowered A1 coaching gave me the motivation to make great changes, which have led to improvements in key areas in my life. With the guidance and encouragement I have received my approach towards setting goals formulating steps and my way of thinking has been more focus than ever. this has brought me a degree of success and happiness in my musical career which I hardly believed would be possible at the beginning of my journey. It has changed my outlook on life and possibilities, and given me the insight and skills to continue the journey forward on all fronts.

To whom it may concern, I am consultant radiologist for the NHS and Private sector based in the UK. I have known Ms Claudia Welsh for almost 10 years.We worked together in the Radiology dept of a large private hospital. Ms Welsh has always been very professional and a great leader.She was in charge of more than 20 staff and liased closely with over 20 consultant doctors in her job as a radiology Manager.She was extremely well organised and a great team leader.She had the respect of her staff because of her leadership skills and her hard work. She was able to mentor and help a large number of new staff members.One member of staff started as a helper and eventually went on to become a medical student and subsequently, a doctor. The department workload and morale increased significantly under her leadership.She was a great motivator of her staff. I was sorry to see her leave when she was offered a promotion elsewhere. With her past experience, she has a lot to offer in motivating others and teaching them to become mentors and thus, leaders in their own right. – Dr. SK